Monday, January 23, 2012

lesbians need a 3rd wheel

Let's turn Jake into a girl! You've been saying how you've been wanting a three-way with another girl
Snicker, your so evil jessica!
Say wha?

Haha! he's already pathetically hung. This won't be much of a challenge at all!
Please ladies, don't do this!

Just a little magic.. ala kazam! *PEEOW!*
What the hell is happening to me?!

Presto! instant vagina!
OMG!! what did you two girls do to me?!

Just lay back and relax jake.. I mean jamie, just a few more changes, like some boobs, and some longer hair. There now, your practically a lady

Mmm.. Jamie's got a pretty nice pussy here, wouldn't you agree Britney?
Mmm.. oh yea!

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