Thursday, July 14, 2016

"TRANSGENDER WOMAN" found taking photos of 18 year old girl in target dressing room

Thankfully this didn't happen in bathroom, but puts the community in a bad light in general.  Shawn (shauna) patricia smith was found taking photos in a dressing room wearing a blonde wig and a dress.  He got caught and ran away, but was captured.  They found photos on his cellphone camera roll.  He is sitting in a local male jail.

First off, pervert.  Secondly, this person doesn't strike me as someone who is transitioning.  Even if you're not on hormones, his mugshot shows he wasn't wearing a bit of makeup (no jail is going to get off all the mascara).  I'm not saying you have to wear makeup to be a woman, but someone who's transitioning and trying to pass is going to use everything they can to blend in.

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