Thursday, August 11, 2016

crossdressers need speed and easy reversability

I would normally post this on my other blog:

But since I have more eyeballs here (and hopefully a larger crossdress audience), I figured I'd post here.  So obviously one of the things we struggle with is time, the other is making sure whatever we do is easily removed, especially if it's a week night.  So the first item:
1. speed: I've been watching a lot of makeup videos lately.  I'll admit I'm not that experienced with makeup, I'm sure many women aren't so great with it either.  I'm trying to break it down to the bare essentials and keep it as simple as possible.  If you ever watch ru paul's drag race, or really any drag tutorial on youtube, if they are experienced they can rush a decent makeup job under 10 minutes.  I think if you plan it out, and have practice under your belt, that's completely achievable with a decent look.  I try to keep it in this order:
1. concealer under eyes

2. Layer of foundation

3.  Powder (don't remember brand, but it's natural)

4. Now I go to eyes, starting with eyeshadow (s), then I do eyeliner and mascara.  I highly reccommend getting a liquid liner instead of a pencil.  It applies much smoother and easier:

Then if I'm feeling adventurous, I'll apply false lashes.  I think out of everything, this can make or break a feminine look.  I order the lashes off ebay.  ironically, the cheapies from china (10 for $10) sometimes work better because they are stiffer and don't flex the wrong way.  I use this to apply:

One new thing I'm experimenting with is eyebrow pencil.  I'm not shaving off my eyebrows completely off obviously, but I do trim it back so there's a sharp break between hair and skin instead of the usual fade most of us have.  I'm also filling in the gaps with a pencil to make it more full, and I have to say it does make a difference.  The eyebrows really pop, especially with facial movements.

As far as reversibility, I reccomend a good makeup remover that's easy on your skin:


Now here's the ultimate tip for both speed and reversibility that I'm EXCITED about, it's false nails.  So you basically have 2 options:

1. Use strong glue to attach them.  Works good if you do it right, but obviously taking them off isn't so easy (and often kills the nail in the process).  Even with soaking each finger in acetone for 5 minutes it can kill the fake nail (and leave your own looking pretty cruddy afterwards).

2. You buy pre-adhesive nails (easily reversible, but adhesion usually sucks).  The only somewhat exception are KISS brand nails (they will lose adhesion a bit if you decide to do dishes).  There are separate tab packets, but they seem overpriced and based on reviews they don't seem to work very well.  Now as many will tell you, a prepped nail surface is key.  That means lightly sanding down the surface, and then cleaning the surface with some alcohol.  It's also recommended you don't touch the adhesive as the oils from your fingers will affect adhesion.

Now while KISS nails work well, and they are fairly reasonable ($7 typically on amazon prime) you ARE somewhat limited in styles.  french manicures all day long, red nails.. But what if you want something cute like multicolored?  Perhaps you found some cute hand painted nails that look like watermelons?  Remember those tabs, the ones that don't seem to work.  Well I have the solution, and it will actually save you money in the long run (both in the nails themselves and the adhesive).

So first off, KISS nail packets, $7.  If you buy just plain nails (prepainted) on ebay, they can be had for a little as a dollar or two (especially if you buy quantities).  The pads are usually like $6 for 20, or about $1.50 per hand (more if you mess some up).  I have something that works better, and will only cost you about $.17 per hand!  I present to you, the ultimate in adhesion.. It's 3M 9474LE super strong adhesion tape.  This is the stuff the automotive industry uses to attach emblems to the back of cars so you know it's strong (but WILL come off).  On amazon you can buy a 2" x 36" strip (free shipping for prime members) for $8.

For each hand, you can cut off a 3/4" strip and then cut that strip into the widths of your fingernails (cutting chamfers on the corners so it mostly fits the nail).  If you want to be anal, I'm sure you could painstakingly cut fingernails shapes but I'm looking for speed here.  It should look like this:
When taking off the other paper, you may have to use an x-acto knife to make sure you don't remove the adhesive back off the nail (it's slightly thicker than your typical nail adhesive).  It'll look shinier too:

Here's the results..  They are just as strong as KISS nails, and now I'm not restricted to only buying those now.  In fact I've had these nails on my fingers the entire time while typing all of this, and nothing has popped off.

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