Tuesday, September 6, 2016

three degrees off center - body swap workout

So I've been following this youtube channel ever since the wand of change.. slowly over the years James has been eeking out similar videos, some that are many parts.  This latest is top notch quality, and even has 5 alternate endings.  He's also started a patreon account to help raise funds for these videos.  So far he's only raised about $70/month (I'm chipping in $5).  I think his biggest issue is that when you give away the content for free, there's really no incentive to spend money.  Oh sure, anyone that enjoys content should donate.. Ya know, like when you illegally download a new album, but the guilt forces you to also buy it on amazon.  Unfortunately, most don't, and it's what kills creativity.  People can't live off comments alone.

If you've enjoyed any of his videos, I ask that you too become a patreon supporter.  Here's a link to his latest:

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