Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sooooo GTA V makes fun of Transgendered

I'm really torn by this news.  Read about it here:

I've loved this series, it's completely changed the 3d gaming world.  I remember first playing #3, thinking how amazing realistic and detailed it was.  Take-Two entertainment keeps pushing the boundaries and making a more interactive environment with each release.  I have GTA4, I probably finished 4-5 missions.  My gaming skills aren't what they once were, and the missions don't seem very fun (I have more fun creating chaos and running from cops).

However, I'm not sure I can support a widely popular game that is injecting negative ideas into the brains of 12 year old boys (or adults that have 12 year old minds).  You could retort by saying they make fun of a lot of things (and people and races), so why be offended when they chose transgender people?  I suppose it's because there's already a hatred and violence against us, why feed the fire?  Now I know you'll say "oh, and I suppose by playing this that people will run right out and steal a car or shoot somebody".  No, that is against most people's morals.  Bashing transgendered people not only happens on a daily basis, but it can lead to violence (which this covers both bases).  If you're someone who already has an opinion that Transgendered people are freaks and should be ashamed (or eliminated) this game is only going to reinforce that prejudice.

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