Wednesday, October 30, 2013

GTA - online play

So I eventually decided to join the online portion of the game.  One nice thing about it, it let's you customize your character (including gender), go clothes shopping, even customize your car.. So of course I had to play around:
I will say, no matter who you are, there are people in the game who just want to do nothing but deathmatch.  I even had some fun stealing some guy's car who was doing a convenience store robbery mission.  I left him my crappy teal hyundai, and parked a few hundred feet down the road.  I laughed when I saw him come out of the store and realize someone took his car, and he had to take mine.  I sort of wish I had the purple car with pink wheels in the above pic, that would humiliate him a bit.  It was odd to spawn after you die, and you're placed randomly in the city with no vehicle, and you have no choice but to start running to find safety as your heels click on the asphalt.  I did feel a bit vulnerable walking in the middle of nowhere knowing there were a bunch of online players waiting to kill me.  It might only be a game, but the realistic graphics sort of draw you in, especially after you've been playing for an hour.

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