Thursday, October 31, 2013

Which celebrities crossdressed this year?

Looks like Matt Laur decided to go as pamela anderson:

Not a bad job, but compared to some of the costumes on other talk shows today I would have thought they could have done a little better.  I mean they didn't blend the bodysuit at all (or bother to trim it, so he ended up with a line just below his neck), and they certainly didn't blend his boobs, it looks like they literally just glued breast inserts on top of the bodysuit with hot glue.  They could have also made him wear a corset to pull in the waist and maybe padded his hips a little with some foam since he was already wearing a bodysuit, and maybe made the makeup more pronounced.  If they had perhaps he could have looked more like this:
Of course maybe that's not what they were going for (passable), maybe it was meant to be a little amateur.  I mean even as it was, it didn't seem like there was much reaction from the crowd because perhaps they didn't realize who was who?

Then there's cindy crawford, she did an incredible job disguising herself as Slash from guns n roses

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