Monday, October 28, 2013

wow! what a dream!

So the dream started out like this.  I'm chosen to go to a space station, I can only assume some sort of prize package vacation.  I have no idea what year it is, but clearly it's in the future because we're still far from the public going into space.  I'm really nervous because even though our track record with space shuttles are pretty good odds, rockets are still dangerous missiles in the end.  So we start to take off, and I can start to see outer space through the window.  I can begin to feel the weightlessness from the orbiting.

As I get closer to the window, I start to record video because I know my wife will want to see it.  I can see where we're headed, which is a giant space station floating above earth.

After we dock I start exploring the SS which is really roomy. There's lots of bedrooms and labs, but there are full size arcade games scattered everywhere in perfect mint condition. As I'm walking I can tell somehow I changed gender and I'm wearing the typical skin tight Star Trek attire, and I feel really horny as my clit rubs against the suit.

I continue to explore and find that they have an artificial biodome with an artificial sky.

I catch a glimpse of my reflection in one of the arcade games and I can see that I'm also Asian. But not any Asian, my face is anime cartoon.

I was actually smiling when I woke up.

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