Tuesday, December 17, 2013

celebrity celebration - claudia christian

Name might not be familiar... Unless of course you were a babylon5 fan:

I know her more from a cheesy movie from the 80's called "the hidden". It's a movie about an alien that plants himself into a human body, and he takes and takes, and when his body gets too damaged (usually from the police trying to stop him), he leaves his host body and enters another.  At one point in the movie he realizes the body he's in has a bad heart, so while in a strip club he steals one of the stripper's bodies (oh don't we all wish we could do that).  Anyway, after he casually leaves the strip joint in his new body (dressed very scantily of course), he takes a pause to check out his new body a little bit closer.  He stares at his chest, and squeezes a little, and realizes he has quite the assets (which comes to his advantage initially when he's yet again pulled over by the police).

 If you'd like to watch the sequence, go here:

The entire movie is in that same link if you care to watch it.

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  1. Also "The Chase" with Charlie Sheen and Kristy Swanson. She was the bitchy new Mother-in-law.