Wednesday, September 9, 2009

parallel universe

Remember the show "Sliders"? If you don't, go watch it on youtube. The premise of the show was that there are millions of parallel universes, all created by chance (think string theory). The theory states that for every decision you make in life creates a new universe. In other words, let's say you turn down a job opportunity, and you take a different offer. In a parallel universe, you took that offer and continued to live your life in that job, and because you worked there, you made certain choices based on that original decison, and so on.

Well it doesn't necessarily apply to just choices you make, but everyone's choice (which sort of explains the very confusing bible where you have free, choice, but it's already been decided for you). Yes, every possible choice and outcome has already sort of been played out, but only to create the possible paths, and they're transparent so that you dont' see them (and so it looks like actual choices). Well this can be any sort of choice, even by nature. So if you go by this theory, for as many possible choices you have as yourself (a boy, grows up, yada yada), there should be an equal (or perhaps more) number of universes where nature decided to chose to keep you as female (testosterone didn't kick in, you didn't develop male chromosomes, and your born as a girl). This isn't a hard concept to grasp, and it's absolutely possible that this parallel world exists as we speak if you buy into the string theory. That's right, there are scenarios where you weren't born a boy, but a girl. In another world, right now as your reading this, there is a female version of you, living out your life, and possibly thinking what her male version would be like in a parallel universe.

if you've ever watched this animation explaining the 10th dimension:

You can see how it goes into time travel, and by going back in time and making changes, you in effect (much like back to the future movie) that you skew your timeline and jump into an alternate universe. If you go beyond the 4th dimension (time), rather than having to travel back in time to make those changes, You initiate that change without the work. In other words, you have control over what parallel universe you exist in. So imagine if you will, as you sit there, if it were possible to swap your bodies with your female parallel self, how would it feel to instantly be the woman you could have grown up to be, and how would she react in your body?

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  1. There was actually an episode of Sliders where the main protagonist, Quinn Mallory, met a female version of himself.

    I believe Giordano Bruno (burned at the stake in Rome in 1600 for heresy) who was the first to speculate that God who is infinite must develop and infinite number of worlds in order to emanate his whole being into the universe. This is why he supported Copernicus and his followers. The Church hated the idea as they believed it would mean that God had no free will. If God had to realize every possible possibility He was not free to choose one instead of the other. It would also undermine the idea of free will, and people's possibility to choose between salvation and damnation.