Tuesday, September 1, 2009

guys hanging out.. with a medallion

"What exactly did you guys do to me? Why do I look like the housewife next door? More to the point, HOW did you make me look like the girl next door?"
"Don't worry Sean, we're just having a little fun, just the guys hanging out, smooch!"

"Look, I'm a guy.. I know exactly what your thinking in that little head of yours, and the other little head. There's nothing you can do to make me want to have sex with you"
"Oh I bet I can convince you otherwise"

"Ooh! I.. have to admit, this does feel sort of good. In fact, a little too good. Ok stop, these feelings I'm having are just so wrong!"
"Not yet baby, I'm just gettin started!"

"Eww! I can't believe I let you cum on my tits. This is so gross, get me a towel immediately!"
"Ahhh, that felt so good, we gotta do this every weekend!"

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