Friday, April 24, 2009


Ever since fictionmania died, a piece of me died as well, feeling like a part of me was missing. I started this blog after being a fly on the wall on Rebecca's blog. I took her advice and started my own blog so I could make my own TG captions, and I've been hooked!


  1. I love the humour! And you have found some really hi quality sexy shots.

  2. nice set..I'm looking forward to your work

  3. A tip: Divide your caps into more posts. That way they will pop up as new posts in your rss feed, leading to more visits. Moreover. the search engines will get more to crawl if you give those posts separate titles or headlines. If you want more repeat visitors, it also make sense to schedule one cap a day. You can set the publishing date in Blogger. You are doing some great work here!