Thursday, May 26, 2011


I posted something a couple weeks ago, basically reviewing one of the films I bought from this site. It seems this blog got ranked high on google, and as a result had a direct effect. I do not wish ill-will to this site, that was not my intent. I've very much a "feedback" sort of person. I like feedback (positive or negative) of my own performance. I'm an elite member on because good businesses deserve praise, and the shitty ones deserve.. bad reviews.

I'd also like to say I am in no way associated with RdDrfjames on youtube. I wasn't really trying to promote him, I just like his work. I was only saying that I'm impressed that someone can make films that good on youtube.

With that said, my original intent was to say how I didn't think the price of admission was worth it for what I viewed. That's to say the ONE film I watched, I wasn't trying to judge an entire site based on that.

I really do hope that site does well, and I look forward to seeing what other films they come up with. They are only producing what's being voted to film, and if that's what people want to see then so be it. If it were my vote, I would have wanted to see something with body changing (magical, sci-fi, etc), but that's just me.

Support your independent film makers, support transgender!

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