Sunday, March 18, 2012

jack and jill *spoiler alert*

So I finally watched this movie, and to those that say adam's films have gone downhill, well... I'd have to agree with you. This was 90 minutes of bad acting, let's throw a bunch of my friends in it, toss in a few celebrities (al pacino, subway guy, shamwow guy, taebo guy), and dress in drag for half the movie. I did find it interesting (even though he was crossdressing during the entire film playing his "twin sister"), that he "crossdressed" to pretend to be his sister when she wouldn't agree to date al. I was also shocked to see david spade in drag. In fact he looked so good, I almost didn't think it was a guy until he spoke.

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  1. Yeah, Adam's best movies are most certainly far behind him. I was mainly interested in seeing this film because of the crossdressing content, but it was still rather boring. Although I must admit, David Spade did look hot all dolled up. :)