Sunday, April 15, 2012

last night I had the strangest dream..

I sailed away to china, in a little rowboat to find ya... wait a minute, that's an 80's song

But seriously, I had a weird dream. I was in my bedroom, with my wife, who was now my ex-wife (I'm still married). Her fiance was getting ready, her female fiance. She was getting married that day to a lesbian, and I was invited to her wedding as a guest.

For some reason, she completely gutted our closet (so her fiance could get ready?), which means all my clothes were gone. The only thing left was the box of female clothes, so I opened it up and proceeded to get dressed while they were busy getting ready themselves. When they were done getting ready, they looked over at me, surprised I was really going to go out in public as a "female". I had no makeup on, just a sort of business dress.

My wife calmly and nicely suggested maybe I shouldn't dress like this, after all just telling her family that she was a lesbian now was hard enough to tell them, adding this to the fire might be too much (and it might indicate WHY my wife became a lesbian). So I hunted for some male clothes, but the dog had peed on all of them, so off I went (in half drag) to find a store open that had some clothes I could wear.

I'm not really sure what the hell this dream was supposed to mean, perhaps it was just a wild ride to give my head a thrill?

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