Monday, December 8, 2014

CSI - rubbery homicide

So recently the TV show Crime Scene investigation had a case where someone got murdered while wearing a full female suit (mask too).

It was actually quite a good episode, though they severely altered the femskin company (it's run by a dude not a woman, and you order online.. there is no in-person fittings).  I knew within the first few seconds (when people starting giving the woman walking down the street strange looks) that it was a rubber masker.

Anyway, while watching it my wife wasn't aware that such suits existed, and she was trying really hard not to be offensive to me (since it does tie into crossdressing), but the 2 things she said (which I agree with) is:
1. How do you wear that?  It's gotta get so dam hot in that thing, especially in vegas! (ding ding, hence why I'm reluctant to even buy a partial body suit)
2. Why would they want to wear those masks, isn't the point of crossdressing to not stand out? (wow, she gets me and my lifestyle).

Anyway, if you missed it, you can watch it on streaming:

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