Friday, May 8, 2015

wig.. unboxing?

Is that a thing?  I know people do it for electronics.  So I ordered a $50 wig from, it was this one in color P4-27-30

So one thing that most people comment when they review wigs is that they all end up much darker than the photo showed.   I thought about getting one in black with some highlights, but even in videos I can tell you can't even see the highlights.  So I went with the color above (which appears very light), and thankfully I did because it is darker (but just the right darkness).  I think lighter hair tends to attract attention.  I want pretty hair, but I still want to blend in.  If I wanted to stand out, I'd buy a purple wig.

So 3 things nice about this wig:
1. It's sythetic, but looks very natural and has great curls
2. It's snug, but has room.  I think this one has a much better made cap that stretches better.
3. It has a lace front so the hairline looks natural.  I've never had this on a wig, the closest thing I have is a wig with a built in headband (but I look like I'm a teenager wearing it).  I'm not sure why these aren't trimmed from the factory, perhaps it's too costly?  Maybe you're supposed to adjust according to your head?  Every video I've watched simply says trim as close to the hair as you can without cutting into it.

Here's the lace I trimmed away.  You can see the hair goes right to the edge:
 It has these nice built in hair pins that seem to keep it in place better than the cheapy wigs:
 Here's how it looks from the front
 And here's what it looks like from the top
 Shipping is pretty quick, and the turnaround time is only a few days.  They usually have coupons for free shipping as well.

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