Wednesday, November 4, 2015

TG news break

So you've probably seen this story float around.  Boy with 2 dads dresses up as Cruella De Vil.  Of course some are saying this is wrong, while others completely support it.  I say if a kid is having fun dressing up as a "character", what does it matter what gender it is.  Heck, go visit any comicon and see how many gender bending people attend that.

And then we have this story that hits very close to home.  So I guess a transgender high school student wants to use the female bathrooms, fine no problem.  Then she wants to shower in the girl's gym locker room, understandable.  They setup a curtain for her, and that isn't good enough, and I see both sides to this.  I see her point, not wanting the attention of "oh look, the transgender girl gets her own private shower", and then I see the side of the other female students not wanting to shower with a "technically by genitals" boy, even though there probably aren't much of male genitalia left if she's been on hormones a while.  If there's any concern about sex going on, how is that any different than a lesbian girl showering with the other girls?  Quite frankly, I found the whole "shower naked with other students" in high school to be disturbing and shocking.  I think all showers should be walled off so each student can shower privately.  The idea of group showers and being treated no better than prisoners is quite frankly stupid.  I had weight issues, a tiny penis, and felt extremely uncomfortable showering.  Almost as bad was swimming class because it meant wearing extremely small bathing pants, and I found myself sitting with my arms crossed to cover my fat boy tits.

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