Tuesday, June 14, 2016

richard simmons woman?

So the enquirer is claiming this.  While I completely believed Jenner was before it was revealed, I'm not sure if I buy it... or do I? Richard has always been flamboyant, but he's more of a gay drag queen than someone who's trapped in the wrong body based on photos over the years:

But then you search further and find a photo like this where he's not really "dressed in the female role", but wearing lipstick and a blonde wig again:
Then you search further, and see him dressed up in what looks like might be his home (not out in public for show):
 And then this photo comes up in search, which news reports are claiming is his "fiona" persona.  If that's really him, he's so made up with hair in his face I can't even tell if it's really even him:
If it is, it's no longer "Cosplay", I'd call this either transitioning, or at the very least crossdressing.  If it's true, it's sad that he has to deny the reports and  keep this a secret behind closed doors.  Why does being gay seem to be so acceptable, but transgenderism isn't?

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