Tuesday, January 2, 2018

American Horror Story - Season 5 (liz taylor / lady gaga)

Ok, so I finally caught up with season 5 of AHS.  This season was very difficult to follow, moving back and forth in time, not following the usual rules of vampires (only can be killed by wooden stake) so it wasn't clear who was a vampire and who wasn't, plus they re-used actors for multiple characters.

Anyway, so of course the reason why I'm typing this post (spoiler alert) is because this season is heavy on the LGBT.  Now I have to preface that I like lady gaga, she's been a good activist for the community and bullying in general.  However, deeper into the season her personality felt too pushed into the storyline.  So right away you see what I would call a "drag queen" as one of the hotel workers.  You don't think much of it, there's lots of oddball characters in this season.  Then about 3/4 through the season they finally decide to tell the backstory of how the drag queen came to be.  It's actually pretty well done as this story relates to many crossdressers.  So it's 3 business men, and he packs a hidden compartment in his suitcase where he has female attire.  Lady gaga pops in, and he's embarrassed by how he's dressed.  She helps him along by doing his makeup and adding some jewelry.  Right away he's a changed person, but she pushes him further.  Tells him to walk down the hall to grab some ice, experience that thrill of coming out of the closet.  However what happens next is VERY predictable, of COURSE he runs into his co-workers, and of course they begin to make fun of him and accuse him of being gay, and worried they are going to catch AIDS from him.  You can watch the scene here:

Then at the nearly very end of the last episode of the season, he decides to commit suicide (well actually he encourages all the ghosts to kill him) so that he can "transition" into the ghost afterlife.  And what a surprise, Lady gaga (who isn't seen the entire episode) shows up and says she wanted to help her transition.  See it here:

Again, I'm totally for this exposure and putting the message out.  It just feels like the writing is cheesy and too predictable.

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