Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A mystery package was left at his door. There was no return address, just his own. Could it be some sort of trick? Perhaps a bomb? Curiosity got the best of him, he opened it up to find what looked like rubber skin. There was a note on top that said "bodysuit", and nothing more. He pulled it out of the box, and hung it in front of himself, as if putting on a wetsuit. It didn't look like it could possibly fit his large frame, but amazingly it did. It almost seemed to constrict his fat, and perhaps make him shorter? This didn't seem possible, there was no denying it. He pulled it all the way up to his neck, and then with a little tug, the rest of it snapped over his head like a rubber band. He walked up to a mirror and couldn't believe his eyes. Suddenly a panicked thought went through his head "Umm, how do I get this back off now?"

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