Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ahem, you might recognize these as captures from a certain TV show that shall remain nameless.

What happened to me? Why am I a girl?

Ick! This body already feels disgusting!

So... any idea how long I'm stuck like this?
Yea, according to my watch maybe like another 12 hours or so

Look, I'm not gonna let this body prevent me from acting normal.
What do you say we play some video games?

Dude, you totally got fragged by a girl!
Heh, yea she totally sniped you dude!

What's up guys?
You know this girl thing isn't so bad, I decided to embrace it.

I have some bad news.. turns out your not going to change back into a guy... ever!
Scuse me?

Ok, that's it.. if I have to live as a girl for the rest of my life, you guys are going to share my pain!

There, now that we're all girls we can totally have a slumber party!

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