Wednesday, August 17, 2011

adam carolla bashes LGBT community

Adam carolla...

he's slowly becoming the Andy rooney of our generation.

Seems like he just bitches about everything lately. I really enjoyed his podcast and his love of cars.. Until he went off on a rant and basically bashed all transgendered. He's the type of person that if he doesn't understand something, he'll just mock it. It's one thing to make jokes about stupidity, or something you can control, but to make the statement about a group of people like "When did we start giving a sh*t about these [transgender] people?", that's just pure hatred. I used to really respect this man, not so sure anymore. Seems like he's just an unhappy celebrity that feels like the world owes him something.

"The car show" on the SPEED channel is considering dropping his contract, and G.L.A.D. is trying to get his podcast pulled as well.

If you want to hear it without having to download the podcast, here it is:

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