Tuesday, February 28, 2012

wakeup in female body fantasy

"yawwwnnn.. oh I don't wanna go to work"

Been thinking about this one a lot lately. I like the part of waking up to it. Everyone is already disoriented on a daily basis when they wake-up. Bodies in a deep resting state, perhaps a dream that makes them question what's real, then you spring a body change on them. I think most people wouldn't really believe it was real if it happened for real, thinking it was just another dream.

"OMG! Is that me in the reflection of this clock?!! this can't be? I must be dreaming.. Oh please tell me this isn't real!"

Tackle another part to this fantasy. Imagine if this was done vindictively. A wife decides to get revenge on her husband, swaps bodies, then acts like nothing is out of the ordinary. The husband is positive he's not crazy, why is this person in his body acting like this is normal? Maybe I am crazy, or maybe I have amnesia? Have I always been a woman? No, this can't be, I remember growing up as a guy! Maybe these memories aren't real, maybe my mind is playing games with me.

"Honey, something isn't right here"

How far would someone take it? Could a person go mentally crazy from not being able to handle the new reality?

"I swear I'm a guy! someone start giving me an explanation or I'm gonna start stabbing!"

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