Tuesday, September 25, 2012

another revenge idea..

I thought about how else you could do revenge, besides re-decorating a room to be girly.  Imagine a scenario where you had two brothers, and a sister.  The sister is, say 19, the younger brother is 17, and the older brother is 22.  The younger brother borrows the sister's car, hits a pole, then doesn't bother to help get it fixed.  That's when the protective brother comes in and gets revenge on his younger brother.  He takes his 2006 mustang, and vinyls the entire car in pink design, puts on purple wheels:

Then overlays a leopard print over the entire dash, swarovski crystals over the stereo, and a pink hello kitty steering wheel cover

The seats would get covered (tied down well) with leopard print hello kitty covers

The leather boot would get swapped out for a pink one, and the shift knob would be translucent pink (almost dildo like)

The E-brake would be covered in swarovski crystals as well

Then the coupe de grae?  Inside the wallet inside the purse sitting on his passenger seat would be a driver's license would be photoshopped to be a girl


Wondering how fun to take it just ONE step further? Give him an ambien, crossdress him (dress, heels, wig, makeup, nails, jewelry), then leave him to sleep it off in his pretty car about 40 miles from home (in a safe area, like a parking garage), and leave him with about half a gallon of gas (but have a gas station within 5-10 miles), forcing him to get out of the car and refuel.  Videotaping all of this would be gold!

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