Wednesday, September 12, 2012

total recall - for realz

No, not the horrible remake, the good one with Ahhhnold

Seriously, read this article:

yea yea, not quite the memory fuck yet. It's only been used on rats, and it's only been able to go into the temporary memory bank (about 10 seconds), no-long term yet..

Oh and it also only works for specific things like names, places and events. That means we aren't exactly talking about software based training, so don't throw your books away just yet. Also doesn't sound like a virtual vacation or identity cover-up either. Nope, it would appear that you could be given a memory of a place you've never been before, perhaps recall a party you never actually went to, remember a name of a person you've never met before.

But couldn't we still use this for fun?

I mean, perhaps you could implant a memory that your name is actually Sara, yet how can that be if your a man? That's an odd name for a guy. Perhaps you could implant the memory that you used to be a woman, and your this way from a sex change, yet you wonder if you didn't make a mistake, so you start crossdressing to see if you like being a woman again.

Maybe they implant the memory of having had sex as a woman in the past. Seriously, if you've ever wondered how the other half lives, what better way than to implant a memory of having a sex as a woman?

I'm going to ERASE that mistake!

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