Monday, November 5, 2012

airbrush foundation

So I watched this video on genderfun's website this morning:

The part that intrigued me the most (besides seeing a boy transformed into a drag queen) was the airbrush foundation.
A. I had never heard of such a product (probably used by drag queens for years, probably used by professional makeup artists for even longer)
B. Holy crap that does an amazing job of evenly filling in a face to make it smooth and unshiny

Then I looked up pricing on that shit, $50 a can!  Then I thought "hmm.. that stuff can't be THAT magical, I bet it's foundation mixed with some type of liquid, toss in some aerosol, rape your customers.  I bet I could make my own stuff up, pop it into an airbrush (hobby ones can be bought for $20 and would last much longer)."  Well, turns out I'm right.  There's multiple videos on youtube on how to do exactly that.  There's one with a girl I watched, but it didn't look so promising (her face ended up looking greasy, like she just dunked her head in baby oil).  Then I found a video by a guy that performs on stage, and his results are not only more convincing, it's much more dramatic when he uses it to cover a birth mark on his leg:

I totally want to try this out, I think I would get back into crossdressing if I could make my face look decent.

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