Tuesday, November 13, 2012

new CFX mask

Since it's been 5 years, and SPFX masks STILL haven't released a young female mask, I'm always on the hunt for one.  I showed you this a while back:

They have yet another one:

What I especially like is that in the video, not only do they show you the before person's face, it's also a boy putting on the female mask (which is one concern I always had with these, how well is the mask going to follow along a male face).

Well, I certainly can't tell the difference, and although it's still going to look like a mask, it sure looks better than anything I've ever seen.  Plus you would think a female mask would almost be easier to get away with.  I mean women wear makeup, many already look un-natural, so maybe a mask wouldn't be a big deal (at least from 10 feet away anyway).

I honestly think it looks pretty damned good for $650 (hair not included)

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