Wednesday, January 9, 2013

really good VR - coming this year

This is the first I've heard of this.  There's a kickstarter project that got funded for a device called oculus rift.  Not only did it get funded, but there's a ton of developer kits that have already been purchased.  Also, it's the best VR system yet (very low latency), no wires, great resolution, and get this.. a low low price of only $300!  I've LONGED for a home VR system for the last 20 years, ever since I experienced the very bad VR from the early days (the $100k systems that took up a room).

To top it off, there is already a company signed up to do an interactive porno game called (sinful robot)

While this is likely an adventure for horny guys to get their rocks off (I've seen flesh lights hooked up to a usb port), I can imagine that surely they will make a female version (where you play the role of the girl).  Perhaps even better, a TG version where you actually see yourself transforming into a girl first.  Perhaps a virtual witch that giggles and mocks you as you get feminized.

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