Thursday, January 10, 2013

reddit - section for Autogynephilia

I don't normally like to republish things other blogs cover, but I think this is significant for this subject.  I remember growing up thinking I was weird (didn't we all?)  why am I desiring to wear women's clothing?  Of course what goes through every young teen's head "Am I gay? do I want to have a sex change?".  Eventually you realize a sexual thing, so you write it off as a fetish.  But then sometimes you realize it doesn't have to be about crossdressing, you can just fantasize about it.. and it doesn't have to be about the clothes, it can be about the body morph, so then how can it be a fetish if it's not an object?  So then you hear a term called Autogynephilia, and you bring it up on your crossdresser forum, where you are ostracized for even bringing up such a term in their space.   This term is heavily attacked because a doctor decided to write off the transgender umbrella and say a blanketed statement that all transgender are like this.  Of course this isn't true, but at the same time transgender people are writing off our sub-culture (it is a culture, there are so many thousands of us).

You give up on that community,  but then you discover a website that talks about this subject, and they rename it "crossdreamers" because that's what it is.  You are fantasizing about crossing over to the other gender, it has almost nothing to do with presenting your persona as a woman to the world, it's completely sexual as far as I'm concerned.

So you read the forums for a while, it's a small group of people, some weird, some brilliant.  Life gets busy, you stop visiting them.  Then they make this posting:

If you don't know what reddit is, it's what many refer to as "the front page of the internet".  Other than google, this is pretty much true.  You might have heard of reddit if you ever saw heartwarming video of "caine's arcade"

Anyway, apparently AGP is a section on reddit, and there's already a lot of traction with lots of great links:

Including this one, which is a motherload of "from her view" photos and animated gifs perfect for captioning:

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