Sunday, March 17, 2013

face stealer app - part2

Ok so I've tried it out a couple days, and I can't stop playing with it.  Here's a few more faces I've added.  Definitely been noticing how facial structure can change the way the face looks (hence, why some faces will work better on your face than others).  If you have a round face, stick to other round faces.

Being black is interesting

kaley cuoco has very distinct features and turned out well

Katy Perry has very distinct eyes

Pam anderson doesn't work so well, I ended up looking like some random MILF

Salma Hayek definitely got stretched.  She has a very slim face

Sandra Bullock same thing, not only is her face very different, the eyes and eyebrows ended up getting warped

Pink turned out surprisingly good, though my first attempt didn't go so good because her eyes were too closed and I ended up looking stoned
So I see a LOT of potential with this app.  Already it feels like a tool to feed the femme needs my brain has.  It's almost like nicorette gum, if I need to see myself as a girl for a moment (without all the trouble of spending an hour on makeup), I just open the app, make some faces, and I feel better.  Of course this is one better because I get to be celebrities (which I could never do in real life).  I'm tempted to install this on an ipad so it becomes more like a full mirror.

Of course I would like to see this app (or one like it) developed more.  This is simply taking 4 points to cut out the face, 2 points for eyes, and a slit for the mouth.  I want to see more accuracy through many dots, much like you would do for morphing software

And why does it have to stop at faces?  Why couldn't it augment reality for other parts of the body?

Oh look at my pretty french manicured nails

Track my chest and give me virtual boobs

Penis? what penis?  You have a vagina now

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