Friday, March 15, 2013

face stealer app

So this came out today, from japan (go figure).

I've seen similiar apps that add accessories, change your face into animals, but you were always stuck with what they gave you.  No more, all you do is take a photo of a face, and it creates a mask automatically.  The app is free, and it comes with some sample masks (president obama, albert einstein, an anime character).  Not a single girl face, until you add some.. and although it's not perfect, the results are scaringly good (If the brightness changes, it adjusts the mask in realtime).  Now keep in mind there's some processing, so there will always be a delay (don't expect to video conference with this), but it's still fun to play with.  I tossed on a blouse, earrings, and a wig and had some fun with it:

 Celebrities of course are always fun.  Here I am as adele:

Marylin Monroe:

Some model:

Glasses seem  to work, but it has issues detecting the face when you create it:

The little girl face is a little creepy:

I had a lot of fun with the Melissa McCarthy one:
 Even did a little video showing it off:


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