Monday, June 24, 2013

Transgender 6-year-old wins civil rights case to use girls' bathroom

Always love reading positive stories like this
There's a lot of ignorant comments (as I would expect).  Everything from
1. "Why hasn't this been an issue until now?" to
2. "Why don't they make a bathroom for other" to
3. "Why didn't the parents give her a sex change then?"

1. It has always been an issue, it's parents like these that are fighting for her rights.  Would you rather the other students see a boy dressed like a girl go into the boys room?
2. Because that's just inhumane and cruel.  How about we bring back segregation and make black people use a separate bathroom and water fountain while we're at it?
3. Because a 6 year old can't make that decision on her own.  Yes, he is showing very strong signs that she wants to grow up to be a girl, but what if he turns 12 and grows out of it?  I've heard stories of hermaphrodites that sue their parents because they chose a gender for them rather than letting them choose on their own.

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