Saturday, August 10, 2013

colored contacts PSA

So I saw recently in a porno that the woman had very bright blue eyes.  They were obviously contacts (nobody's eyes could be that bright).  And then I thought "hmm, that would be neat to try, especially while dressed up.  Change the color, maybe even give myself Anime eyes like lady gaga

Then I read about how DANGEROUS they can be if you don't see a real doctor.  Everything from poor quality material that can scratch your cornea in a matter of half a day, to simply starving your eyeball of oxygen and causing all sorts of infections to build up, to even causing permanent damage (like blindness)

"Robyn Rouse is one of at least 1,500 people who wound up in emergency rooms last year as a result of contact lens problems. She bought colored lenses without a prescription at a corner grocery store in Cleveland. The 15-year-old says she wore them for one night, took them out and went to sleep.
"The next morning I woke up, my eye was closed and I couldn't see out of it," she says.
Rouse was rushed to the hospital with a severe bacterial infection in her eye. "Had she not come promptly, I have no doubt that she would have lost the eye," says Steineman.
The damage was so bad, Steineman had to perform a corneal transplant. And even now after almost a year of treatment, her vision is still not completely restored."

Hadn't really thought about how dangerous they could be.  Needless to say I'm going to stick to something safer, like glasses with regular glass (no prescription).  I'm liking these:
Geeky is the new sexy

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