Tuesday, August 20, 2013

CYOA builder - TWINE

I stumbled across this link tonight.. There used to be an online version of this where anyone could start up a story, and anyone could start adding links.  Of course you know the issue with that is you'll start getting trolls that will simply start messing with it and create all sorts of dead links.

Anyway, this program called TWINE is basically a visual layout program (FREE) where you have a starting point, and you branch out (just like you would with a storyline with choices).  It's pretty simplistic, but perhaps that's what could make it great.  It seems that in order to link to another passage, you have to code with brackets, and whatever you call that bracket, your passage has to be called the same thing.  This could be in theory limiting, but I suppose for simplicity sake it could work.  Anyway, read about it here:

This gives you a short explanation how to use it:

Needless to say, I have dozens of stories floating in my head that I wouldn't mind trying out.  Don't be suprised if I post one soon.

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