Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Another (I changed my mind about that sex change) stories

So you may or may not remember reading this story.  An ABC news editor decided a couple months ago to have a sex change, leave his wife of 17 years... Now he wants to go back to being a man, and get this.. he's blaming "transient global amnesia" whatever that means.  Of course the transgender community is upset, not so much because he changed his mind, but because he can't be honest about it.  People who go through hormone therapy and realize what living as the other side can sometimes have second thoughts.  Using a piss poor excuse like amnesia is just stupid, and it gives people who don't understand transgender thoughts more reasons to discount it as not being a legitimate condition.  I don't know why you would bother going back, I mean he went from an ugly bald man to a somewhat attractive woman, I'd just stick with it if I were him.

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