Friday, September 27, 2013

Some body swap video is done poorly (RANT)

I really love tgfiction, I even love it more when someone has invested the time to make a video.  However I really get tired of seeing it poorly executed, particularly when the 2 characters transform overnight while they sleep and somehow don't notice right away.  Now I get grogginess.  I get waking up from a deep dream and feeling disoriented while your brain switches to the real world.  I do not however ever understand the concept of being awake for 5 minutes and not realizing something is different until either you have to pee, or you see your old body walking around (IE body swap with another female in the house).  I don't know about you, but I notice major things when I wake up.  If I sleep on my arm funny and it's asleep, I notice right away.  If I suddenly had a vagina and boobs, I think I would notice right away too.

What's my point?  If you're going to do tgfiction, at least do it right (and realistically).  Not that tgfiction is really ever in reality, but if it were I would expect to notice it right away.  By executing your storyline in this way, you assume your readers are dumb enough to follow along a weakly written story.

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