Tuesday, February 23, 2010

in the future part 1

Thought it'd be nice to envision what the future might hold for us in some future world. Let's start off with temporary sex changes. I think perhaps one day it might be so easy, and so cheap to alter our bodies that they're even sold at convenience stores like 7-eleven.

Of course that won't change the fact that humans aren't always so clear

"Yeah, can I get pick 5 lotto and a sex change"
"That will be 100 euros.. Thank you, here is your change, pleeese come egain!"
"woo hoo.. here comes the laser beam to reprogram my internal nanobots and.."

"Ahhhd!! what'd happened to me? Why d'am I indeean?"
"Sir, u did not spec ee fi any parrrameters, I picked a rrrandom body. Next time perhaps you could give me some more input"

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