Tuesday, February 23, 2010

in the future part 2

Surrogates is an interesting movie, especially if your into the whole body swap (or borrowed body fantasy).
In one scene they even show that one of the female surrogates is actually being controlled by a fat bald guy, and in another scene the creator is shown taking over a female body, who kills himself, and the cop takes over that female surrogate body. Let's take some captions from the movie and re-write it a little shall we?

David was bored with his male surrogate body. He wanted to try something different, something a little sexier, perhaps a little kinky? His computer was hooked up to his new surrogate body, all he had to do was jack in

He was jacked in, and he could feel his new body

"woah, this was surreal" he thought to himself. He had always imagined what it might be like to really be female, but he had no idea it would be so dis-orienting. His mind couldn't handle the feelings he was having, suddenly inside a beautiful woman's body. He needed to escape, he needed to disconnect from his surrogate.

"Crap, it's malfunctioning. It's not letting me log off! Oh my god, I'm going to be stuck in this female body, this is so embarrasing! I can't even call tech support, I totally jacked into this body illegally, what am I going to do now?!"

There was only one solution, he would have to attempt to manually shut down his surrogate body. That way, by default, his mind would detach from his surrogate body

He reached up behind his head, looking for the panel access where his motherboard was stored. If he could eject that, his body should shut down.
"Crap, this is so hard to find as it is, let alone trying to do it while inside the body, and with all this long blonde hair to boot. Did I just say to boot? Wow, I need to get out of this body before these female ideas invade my brain!"

He finally managed to shut it down, and he was free from this body

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