Thursday, February 4, 2010

Your my kinda people

I'm sure I'm not alone in this. If your subscribed to this blog, then much like me you probably have some "autogynapheliac" tendencies. I remember as a kid reading some teen magazine, and they had this comic in it every month called "bummers".

It'd be a short couple sentences that would talk about something we all share in common that we hate.

Peter Griffin from the family guy had a segment on the news called "grind my gears"

And then there's the famed george carlin standup talking about our similarities, which was pretty ground breaking because most comics talked about our differences (many still do)

So today, I realize I can't be alone in this. For many of us, dressing up is a turn on. Of course this often leads to self-gratification. Unlike a guy, who usually just takes everything off, shoots his load, and then wipes himself down, we're usually wearing clothes (remember that thing that turns us on). Of course what's the first thing you think about after ejaculating? "Ok, get up slowly.. Move your dress out of the way, don't get cum on your panty hose, etc"

You end up doing quite the contortionist jagged walk to the nearest bathroom to clean up, while holding clothes out of the way, and while trying to find a clean finger to do so. It's an odd feeling too because on one half of your brain, your a guy that just went, so you think "screw that bitch, I got my rocks off". But then your other half of the brain goes "Are you kidding me? This is an expensive dress, and every wash cycle wears the elastic out just a bit more in this hosiery". Some also experience some guilt, like "I can't believe you just spent 2 hours picking out an outfit, doing your hair, makeup, all for a slightly better cum!" It's a cycle that can really wear down your brain, you honestly start to think your crazy, almost a split personality.

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  1. Great post doll! I luv the pic -- very nice. And yes, I've done that awkward walk . . . too many times. I don't have the icky finger problem though. I just lick them clean!