Monday, December 19, 2011

liar.. liar!!

(Mmmm, look at the rack on this girl!)
(OMG, another perv staring at my chest. I'm so tired of being in this female body)

(This guy has a pretty nice body, I should take it)

"Ha, I just noticed you were staring at my boobs. How'd you like to see them up close?"

"mmwhat? are you serious? well... yea! of course! ha ha"
"Then so it shall be"

"What the hell?? Why am I looking at myself?!"

"Oh my god! You just tricked me into switching bodies! When I agreed to wanting to see them up close, I didn't mean on my own chest! I'm gonna knock you out!"

"Owww... it's always so painful to body swap"

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