Monday, December 12, 2011

transgendered.. is it destiny?

Ok, so for some reason the other night, I had a dream I was sucking my own cock. Yea, like none of you ever had that dream. As the dream went on, I remembered feeling very tired because it was so hard to keep my back arched. Then my wife came over, and she started sucking it for me, but deep down I just wanted to suck a cock (anybody's cock).

Didn't think much of it, then this morning I get this email from some guy that wants to meet. Not another crossdresser, a guy. Now I've dabbled in craigslist ads, most of them go nowhere once a few pics exchange. I don't know how this person got my contact info on here? on urnotalone? on an ad I placed on ( from eons ago? Really I have no clue, and I'm not sure I want to reply, but you know what? It feels good. Someone reached out to me, DESIRED me. Whether this person is serious, whether anything happens, if I take nothing else from this, it felt good that someone actually thinks I'm attractive/feminine enough to contact.\

So then I think back to that dream, was it foreshadowing something? It seems awfully coincidental, and a part of me is a little scared by that.

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