Saturday, May 26, 2012

anniversary of cutting my long hair

It's been nearly a year since I had to cut my very long hair. I was unhappy at my job, and was interviewing for a good 6-8 months prior to my termination with no offers. I honestly think it had everything to do with my hair (even though companies claim they don't discriminate, they do). Unless your a genius and an employer just HAS to snatch you up (in which case, if your that good, you could probably start your own business and don't need to work for someone else), you have to bow down to the man.

Anyway, I eventually was let go from my job, and I knew I had to do something drastic now to find a new job, so I told my wife to cut off my hair in one lump sum. For some reason, I started to think recently about how I shouldn't have been so quick to act. I should have had fun with it and cut it off in chunks since it was going away anyway (this following wouldn't have worked since I had planned on donating my hair to locks of love). But anyway, I should have started out by giving myself some bangs (something else I've never really experienced). Something like Simone or Zooey deschanel from the tv show New girl

Then once I had my fun with that, I could give myself a bob hairstyle:

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