Wednesday, May 23, 2012


So I got back from vacation, hence why the lack of posts. Had a fun time there, favorite part was seeing zumanity. Sexy, funny, and the hostess is transgender (would never have guessed for a moment it wasn't a woman).

We did lots of walking, and lots of window shopping (some actual shopping). Saw this great display at one store, it's a high heel made entirely out of hangers:

Then there was this store, nothing but socks and stockings. They had some really sexy ones I've never even seen online, I was so tempted to buy a pair

Lots of "clubwear" dress shops, or as my wife referred to them as "whore shops", and lots of shoe stores to match

Lots of crazy styles, all out of my price range and shoe size ($100-up), including this pair:

During my time off, I really started to daydream about femininity, wanting to crossdress something fierce actually. I started to really think about how I wanted to get back into dressing more regularly again. I want to get back on my diet (I've let 15lbs slip back on), I want to get a wig I REALLY like, I want to start painting my toes again, I want to start practicing my female voice everyday during my commute so I can start perfecting that.

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