Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My dream this morning

Had an AMAZING and vivid dream this morning. Now I RARELY have any dreams where I'm crossdressed, even rarer when I'm an actual woman (maybe twice before in my entire life). So the dream starts out like this. I look down, realize I'm in women's clothing (still not aware of my gender yet). I walk out of the bedroom, out to a partial loft overlooking a large living room, with stairs to each side. I peep out, not sure if I want to be seen. I can see one woman look up at me, not in a "I know your crossdressed!", but "Oh, who's that popping out of the room?" kind of look. I'm still hesitant even after that affirmation that I'm passing, but then I see a woman I know (want to say it was my wife, but not totally sure), and she's waving her hand like "come on out, come mingle with the guests". I retreat back to the bedroom, and into the master bathroom. I shut the door behind me. Right away I look at the mirror, and I'm shocked. I can tell I'm clearly not male, but completely female.

I was so shocked, I could feel an intense panic attack. So much so, I could feel that I was relieving myself. I was like "oh crap! I can't wet myself, I have no idea if I even have a change of clothes". I really didn't care that I was urinating all over the floor, just don't pee on the dress. Then another realization came to me, I was urinating.. from my vagina. That's another thing, I could feel my vagina. I could actually feel the sensation that there was no longer anything sticking out, and I could feel the wind up a crevice inside of me, it actually felt better than I imagined.

Now normally if I was a guy, I'd get turned on, penis would get erect, and I'd have a straight forward firehose shooting piss on whatever got in it's way. Nope, pee was shooting straight down to the floor. I tried to at least tip toe so that I didn't get piss on my heels either. I eventually managed to hover over the toilet to finish up. Then I decided to get a better look at myself. I actually remember getting my face real close to the mirror, and seeing in detail what my face looked like. I sort of looked like me, but my face was feminized, big time. It was as if I was seeing what I would look like if I was born female. Biggest thing I noticed was that my features almost seemed puffy (instead of having strong jawline and cheeks). I then noticed my very straight and long blonde hair combed to one side of my face, and a cute hat with a lace ribbon.

I wanted this dream to last forever, but like most dreams they end before you want them to. At least a couple occasions today at work, that feeling of having a vagina came back to me, imagining what it would be like if I had one right now, wearing a skirt or a dress, feeling the wind blow below me.

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