Tuesday, June 19, 2012

facebook buys face.com - delete your account now!

Ok, so I signed up for a "female persona" account a while back. didn't post anything, then suddenly when I logged into my male account, it somehow tied the two together (different logins and email addresses mind you). Probably some sort of cookie. Fine, change the username to something ridiculous, don't post anything, if by some chance my friends and family see it, they'll ignore it like it's some spammer.

Then I start reading about how facebook (now that it's IPO'd) is going to turn my friends into pitchmen:

Now that they've bought face.com for facial recognition (I.E. post drunk photo, perhaps your drunk face will be put on a budweiser ad on your parent's page). Or better yet *DUN DUN DUN*.. facebook recognizes that your face, makeup or not, looks identical. Oh yea, imagine to your surprise when facebook suddenly labels your female persona either as a sister (hey wait a minute, you don't have a sister.. wait a minute), or worse. It tags your crossdress photo.. As you! that's right, imagine your crossdress photos showing up in your feed, without your knowledge, because as usual facebook changes it's policy (without informing you), and you have to OPT out. Well by then, the damage is done.


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