Tuesday, June 19, 2012

katy perry - I'm wide awake

This girl just never ceases to impress me. She's the epitamy of feminine. If you looked up Tart in the dictionary, you'd probably find a photo of her. Every video is cinematography genius, every outfit, every makeup is top notch (hell, lookup katy perry makeup on youtube, you'll probably find a dozen videos for each look). her latest is no exception. When I die, I want to be katy perry in heaven.

Yea, just finished my "california gurls" video.. time to film another one for a song not even written yet.

Be jealous, it's ok. Even with my hair matted down with a nylon, I'm still fucking sexy with my glitter eyelids.

Oh, don't look at the camera just yet. Embrace my eyelids and dark lips.. Oh, and look at my purple hair, weren't expecting that one eh?

Oh, there it is. The sad puppy katy eyes.

Hell yeah this dress is awesome. It's part medieval castle, part so-much-lace-it-could-choke-a-donkey

Ahh, now for the purity section of my video where I'm not angry for 5 seconds

Yea that's right, flower petals on my nails, and vine wrapped around my fingers. Innovative, that's me!

I'm sorry your not as pretty as me

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