Friday, June 22, 2012

talk about indecisive!

somehow stumbled upon the article about a gentleman who has transitioned to become a woman, then transitioned back... and still wants to transition again, but knows he can't or people will think he's unstable


  1. This individual would benefit from the ability that I want. If ever granted a "wish" from a genie or a leprechaun, I would wish for the ability to instantly change my gender at any time. I have followed the process of what would happen and, yes, I would become a superhero and fight crime.

  2. I think I saw a documentary on her (I use her on) if it is the same person, its because she was brainwashed by a staunch christian sect using a very odd reading of the verse 'come as you are' medical professionals said he was much more mentally sound and happy as a woman and the transition back was to her detriment.