Sunday, July 22, 2012

I was a girl again in my dream last night

I have not had this many girl dreams.. ever. I don't know what my brain is trying to tell me, but I've been enjoying them. So the dream starts off where I'm at some sort of gas station. I look down, and I can see that I have a purple blouse on, and a skirt. I have long nails, but then I look at my feet, and I'm wearing my guy sneakers. "What the hell? those totally ruin the look" I say to myself. I'm in public, the last thing I want to do is not pass. So then I realize I have to pee, so I start walking towards the bathroom. Now since this is a dumpy gas station in the middle of nowhere, of course the bathroom is tucked in the far back, with lots of crap surrounding it making it even harder to find. On top of it, the passage to get through is only one person wide. So as I start walking towards it, I see people just leaving the bathroom. Who is it you might ask? Oh just my wife, her mom, and her grandmother. I freak out for a second, and sort of squeeze against the wall, saying "excuse me" as quiet as I can, since I think I can't do a good female voice. To my surprise, none of them even give me a second look as I walk by. Then I get into the bathroom, and to my surprise, I'm not crossdressed, I AM a woman. I'm not even me, I mean my face is completely different. It's as if I was transported into a new body. From what I remember, I looked something like this:

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