Friday, July 20, 2012

I work out...

No, I really do. Joined the gym about 3 months ago, and I try to go at least 3 times a week. Usually I work muscle, or do a treadmill (or a step climber), but sometimes I'll do classes with my wife (that's nearly all she does). Once did a 2 hour belly dance/zumba class (though they call it something else when men do it). I will say, I wasn't the only guy (2 other guys in class, both seem to have been pushed by girlfriends or wives to do it), and neither of them lasted the whole class.

I will admit it's interesting to do a class like this, I can't help but feel a lil bit femme (there are some moves that just naturally push you into doing feminine movements). I feel like I don't get as good a workout (not that it's easy), but I know I can push myself more on my own, so I don't usually do classes.

I did a class recently that was strength training, using weights a lot (not just putting your body in awkward positions to strain it). One exercise was stepping up on the step, putting your feet so the backs are hanging off the edge, and then lifting the back of your heels up. I heard a lot of women groaning, in fact many of them couldn't make it all the way. I looked down, making sure I wasn't missing something, or doing it wrong. Nope, I was doing fine, and you know what? I wasn't hurting. I was perfectly fine doing this, and it sort of shocked me. Here I was in a room full of women (yes, I was the only guy this time), and I had no issues putting my feet in a position all women are supposed to be comfortable with (wearing high heels). Makes me wonder YET AGAIN, why wasn't I born a woman?

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